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    Carry out public and private transport of passengers by bus lines in an organization or special operations flights, tourism and others.  
    Company West Delta is one of the passenger transport companies of the Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport started their activities since the fifties of the last century as the private sector and then in 1961 as a subsidiary of one of the structure and the Ministry of Transportation and then as a public sector in 1979 and then as a public enterprise sector companies with the attribute business according to law 203 of 91.
    Middle Delta Company and west Delta bus company was merged since 16/4/2005 to form a huge edifice and double with it the company's fleet.extending lines to link the provinces of Middle Delta and West Delta on the breadth and density of population and thus contribute to the new company after uniting their efforts and reorganizing to improve and diversity of services provided to various categories and levels in the market for passenger transport.
Paid up capital: 104,373,550 million pounds.
Capital of the Company's authorized: 160,000,000 million pounds.
Works by a number: 3440 workers and technicians and administrators.
Have a vehicle fleet includes 713 of global brands with high levels of service ranging from economic to luxury
  With an exceptional level.
Operates through the main center in Alexandria and the branches extend to the following governorates:
  Cairo, Alexandria and Matrouh, Al behiera and Al Menoufia, Al gharbia and Kafr El-Sheikh as the activity of its fleet up to the Red Sea, Sinai, Aswan and includes the transfer of passengers between its provinces and tourist transport trips inside or outside Libya.
Number of areas of the company: (8) Alexandria - El Raml - Damanhour - Cairo - El gharbya - Mahala -
  Kafr El-Sheikh - Menoufiya.
The number of branches of the company: (18 branch) 3 branches in Alexandria - 10 branches in
  Damanhour - 2 branches in El gharbiea - 1 branch in Cairo - 2 branches in Al Menoufiya.
Automated reservation applied to the company since 1996 and was developed with support from
the Ministry of Administrative Development, under the supervision of the Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport in 2007 to provide a service ticket quick and convenient for passengers through its offices in Cairo, Alexandria and Matrouh and online to serve a new segment of passengers.
  Capital Structure Subject Shares
No. %
    Holding Company 10437355 100%
Total 10437355 100%
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